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Group Structure

BubbleDeck International A/S is in charge of

•  Combining the international activities
•  Supervising technical support / training
•  General quality supervision
•  Carrying out specialized tasks / projects
•  Developing new techniques
•  Developing new markets

National BubbleDeck companies are in charge of

•  National marketing and sales
•  Dialog with clients
•  Proposals and calculations
•  Project supervision and quality check




The BubbleDeck® concept is the core technology of the Group. We continue to develop state-of-the-art quality solutions, optimizing the possibilities in construction. The focus is on quality in building and sustainability. And on the bottom line, economic savings.



We continuously strengthen the BubbleDeck Group . A knowledge bank of expertise combined with strong local partnerships makes the BubbleDeck brand a worldwide quality brand.



Since we have the deepest respect for other cultures and how business are done differently, our policy is to make joint-ventures with respected, local companies, who know the local market and its values.
We trust this approach will benefit all involved parties.


The Company has its origin in the development of optimal, sustainable and resource saving constructions. The founder, Jorgen Breuning, has always focused in special constructions, in particular shell constructions.

Since the 1950ies where hollow core, one-way span, was introduced, no major development had occurred. New, better and more flexible solutions were needed. This long time need for evolution in concrete constructions, let the Danish Ministry of Housing to initiate a competition, especially targeting multi-storey buildings:

“To develop constructions as flexible and generally applicable that they will be able to pick up changes in a time period reaching far into the next century”

But the competition did not lead to any new development.

This intrigued Jorgen Breuning, and he came up with the first practicable true biaxial, hollow slab: the BubbleDeck technology, fulfilling the demands for flexibility, sustainability and material reduction.

In 1997 came the breakthrough with projects in Germany and Holland (e.g. Millennium Tower) winning several awards, and since the system has been used successfully worldwide.

The BubbleDeck Group continues to use its expertise to develop add-ons and state of the art solutions.



BubbleDeck International A/S

Røsevangen 8, 3520 Farum Denmark

Ph: +45 61695851   Fax:  +45 44955959

Email:   info (ad)

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