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The Original Voided Slab Technology

Fast, Green and Cost Efficient Construction System

The BubbleDeck® technology is a revolutionary construction method  eliminating non-performing concrete from the neutral axis of a concrete slab, resulting in a substantial reduction in dead load.


The BubbleDeck® system is based upon patented integration technique - the direct way of linking air and steel. Void formers inside the flat slab eliminate at least 30% of a slab’s dead weight.

Incorporation of recycled plastic bubbles as void formers allows wider space between columns. Combination of this with a flat slab construction approach spanning in two directions, the slab is connected directly to columns - without any beams - which creates a wide range of cost and construction benefits.



The engineering solution that radically improves building design and performance while reducing the overall costs.



The engineering solution that radically improves building design and performance while reducing the overall costs.


​The construction literally creates itself as a result of the geometry of two well-known components: Reinforcement and hollow plastic balls. When the top and bottom reinforcement are linked in the usual way, a geometrical and statically stable BubbleDeck® unit evolves.

The reinforcement catches, distributes and locks the balls in an exact position, while the balls shape the air volume, control the level of the reinforcement, and at the same time stabilize the spatial lattice. When the steel lattice unit is concrete, a “monolithic” biaxial hollow slab is obtained.

By adapting the geometry of the ball and the mesh, an optimized concrete construction is obtained, with simultaneous maximum utility of both moment and shear zones.

The spherical shape, its size and exact position allows for the optimal savings ratio - maximum weight reduction while still achieving maximum load-bearing ability.

Sustainable and cost efficient slabs





Nova Award Winner


Basic description of the BubbleDeck technology

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 CAST IN-SITU VERSION                   

The simple BubbleDeck® version is cast over the pre-fabricated 'bubblelattice' on traditional formwork. BubbleDeck® reinforcement modules up to 40 m2 contains both main structural reinforcement and bubbles as voidformers.

Reinforcement Modules comprising pre-fabricated ‘bubble-reinforcement’ sandwich elements. The modules are placed on traditional site formwork, loose joint, shear & edge reinforcement added and then concreted in 2 stages to the full slab depth. Can be manually lifted into position.



In the precast half-slab BubbleDeck® version, the bottom side of the 'bubble-lattice' unit is furnished with a precast concrete layer which on the building site replaces the horizontal part of the formwork.

The panels are delivered just-in-time and placed on temporary propping, loose joint, shear & edge reinforcement added, perimeter and tolerance joints shuttered and then the remaining slab concreted.

Findorff chooses the


BubbleDeck® technology

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